The Passing Away of The Greatest Master and Healer H.H. TYS Lama Gangchen Tulku Rimpoche

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen (Alfredo Sfeir Younis)

Dearest Lama Michel, Lama Caroline, and Sangha at Large

Like all of you, I am deeply touched by the departure from His physical body of H.H. TYS Lama Gangchen Tulku Rimpoche. 

He was my teacher and my spiritual father. To me, He will always be the Master of Masters. The impeccable Alchemist of Natural Law.  The Prince of World Peace and of Peaceful Existence.  The Wisdom Holder. The embodiment of the Supreme Light, the Buddha Mind, and the most powerful Ray of Compassion.  The maximum expression of the Earth Healing Force.  The life expressions of The Five Elements of Life. 

A life that was totally dedicated to serve, for the benefit of humanity, all sentient beings, and nature.  My words do not have the ability to express my immense gratitude, love, and commitment to his teachings.  He changed the content and scope of my path, so I could walk towards a new horizon; to heal the planet, through one of the most fundamental spiritual healing laws: “all forms of life matter”.  All forms of life are intelligent and conscious, embroidering each and every aspect of One Supreme Life Existence; the foundation of a new spirituality for this millennium.

My soul lives in permanent gratitude to this enlightened and compassionate being, the Lama Healer, who will always accompany us on this human journey.  We crossed paths in this life time, within the epicenter of international politics: The United Nations.  And I walked together with Him ever since.  The greatest happening in my life.  He always wanted me to become an effective vehicle to change the world, to heal the planet, and to transform the existing public-collective-consciousness. He honored me as Dzambling Cho Tab Khen (World Healer).

He taught me a new form of spirituality, which surfaces from the intricate interplay between the inner-spiritual-transformation and the outer-material-transformation.  Also, it surfaces from the total interdependence between our inner ecology and outer ecology.  This is what He defined as “The 200% Society”: no duality between the inner and outer existence, no duality between the doing and the being.  Our society material transformation and inner ecology are very much influenced by economics, business, politics, governance, citizenship…  This new form of spirituality is the spirituality of our collective existence: it is not only about human beings but, all sentient beings and nature.  It is the spirituality of the Earth as a ‘Being’ and not as a ‘Thing’, which will only be realized at an ever-higher level of collective consciousness. He wanted me to establish a new paradigm of socio-economic development and human transformation.

He lovingly guided and protected me in explaining and debating the content, nature and potential of my inner reality, and the practice of that new spiritual path: (i) ‘Experiential Spirituality’, by experiencing the different attributes of the inner-self in our daily life and (ii) ‘Spirituality Within the Public Domain’, by blending spirituality with economics, politics and corporate realities. He handed me these attributes, which form a powerful ‘double-mandala’ capable of sustaining life in its many expressions. 

Lama Gangchen taught me that the true spiritual path has two fundamental dimensions: an effective spiritual practice (e.g., meditation, yoga, initiations, contemplation, initiations), indispensable to nurture our daily spiritual mandala, and a strong commitment to society. He would say to me, it is not only important to self-realize compassion but, simultaneously, we must commit ourselves to the creation of a compassionate society. Lama Gangchen called this part of the mandala: “Modern Buddhism”.

To Him, all my love, commitment, respect, and admiration.

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen (Alfredo).

The Lama Healer (The Lotus Born in the Gangchen-Pond Sutra)

So, I have heard,
In the land and forests of Albagnano
Lived the world most powerful healer.
The most compassionate alchemist of the soul and nature.
They called Him Gangchen.
Lama Gangchen,
Because he was a majestic mountain
Of love and compassion.
Others, like me, called Spiritual Father, and
Powerful Life and Light of Seva (service).
He was born in Tibet.
But, he became a citizen of the world.
He moved all around the planet,
With a very fundamental message:
“Inner peace is the most solid foundation
For world peace”.
He would say:
“Peace in all, and all in peace”.
In those travels he met kings, popes, presidents…
He also met the heads
Of the most powerful world organizations like the UN.
It was there where I met this Lama Healer.
He had the infinite power of talking with nature’s
Most powerful manifestations:
The Amazon, the Andes Mountains, and The Himalayas.
He had hundreds and hundreds of devoted disciples:
Warriors of peace, service and commitment with all living beings.
In every occasion, He would give it all,
No matter what it took to make us all happy.
His generosity was of the size of the blue sky.
What a privilege to have met him.
Part of His spiritual path contained
The outer and the inner-self of The Borobudur.
The most powerful initiatic Buddhist temple on the planet.
Embodiment of the highest form
Of tantric Ngalso Self-Healing.
I remember travelling with Him to so many places,
Awakening people, temples, natural environments…
We visited Tibet, Nepal, Malaysia, China, Switzerland,
Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Chie, USA, Mongolia, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, Germany, Holland, France…
His temple was the entire world.
His family was from the entire world.
He awakened precisely and effectively
All the five elements of life:
Wind, water, space, earth and fire.
He healed thousands of people, animals and forests.
Today, we see how time and space married,
And gave birth to
The inner most beautiful ray of light,
Which transported him to Shambala.
A new life. Eternal life.
A new form of communication. Infinite communication.
A new way of teaching. Limitless wisdom.
A new way of explaining and debating.
We saw in the skies the great rainbow,
Reflecting the mirror of His eternal soul.
We felt the glory of his ascending.
We tasted the fruit of impermanence.
Do not doubt Dearest Lama:
I am committed.
We are committed.
Your legacy will continue
In all corners of the world.
It will continue to be seeded,
Within people’s hearts and souls.
We are waiting for your return.
I am waiting for your return.

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